Click on Jack’s picture above for a Video of Jack McIver.


Thank you for contacting McIver’s Appliance Sales & Service.  We are sorry to let you know that our company, that Jack McIver started in 1964 has now closed.


At this time, after 56 years in business serving many satisfied customers, we would like to thank all of you who supported McIver’s Appliances.


Jack McIver highly regarded and respected his customers and loved keeping quality built, older appliances in peoples homes.


On behalf of myself and our family we would like to thank all of you who had the same belief as Jack, that quality still stands for something…don’t be so quick to throw your older appliances away, for new ones.  As Jack would say “be careful for what you wish for….it may not be what you expected..”


Take care, be well and again Thank You for all your support over the 56 years that McIver’s Appliances was part of your home.  We will miss you all.